ETTA Round suspension lamp

Etta round suspension lamp has a nostalgic feminine retro glow, inspired by the jazz singer Etta Jones. A luxurious chandelier that provides a soft and warm light through its layers, giving a romantic ambiance to any setting. All brass leafs are shaped and assembled by hand. Custom made versions are available upon request.

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EVANS Floor Lamp

With a mid-century vibe, this on trend floor lamp is elegant and provides your interior with a beautiful glow. Evans has three diffusers, each one adjustable in direction. Its structure is handmade in brass and the lampshades in aluminum.

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EXPLOSION Suspension Lamp

Explosion is reminiscent of the vast cosmos of modern lighting designs. With a high prestige, strong attention to luxury details, this lamp is a real show stopper. Impeccable craftsmanship is reflected in the numerous slim gold plated brass and crystal arms which orbit around a center sphere in perfect order. What a marvelous piece!


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FLORA Sconce

This unusual sconce features an unconventional and tantalizing design. Aged brass intricately sculpted fixture makes it a special piece, full of charisma and character.


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GALLIANO Suspension Lamp

An expressive design inspired by jazz music, Galliano suspension fixture has a sculptural, versatile, yet contemporary shape. An extremely balanced design which gets even more beautiful when you see light being cast through its tubes. It produces a unique and gorgeous lighting effect.

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Galliano is an expressive design inspired by jazz music. It is a versatile and contemporary, sculptural shape of  an extremely balanced design, which gets even more beautiful when you see the light being casted thorough its pipes. Up to 3 tubes, it produces a unique and gorgeous lighting effect.

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GEM Table Lamp

This stunning lamp represents a journey of the gem’s rough beginnings to an exquisite form that it gains in the end. It starts out rugged and wild, and then slowly matures into something elegant and eternal. This piece features an emerald green gem and an antique gold base.


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GIA Chandelier

Imagine a delicate bouquet of flowers gracing your ceiling… The Gia chandelier consists of hand-sculpted polished brass calla lilies tied by a simple string. A truly beautiful, organic piece that attracts attention and illuminates.


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HANNA Chandelier

Hanna is a vintage suspension fixture which compliments a living room perfectly. Its structure made out of brass is a great addition to a classical ambiance. This magnificent pendant lamp is elegantly composed of lampshades made in aluminum by artisans who delicately treat metal by applying an ancient technique called hand metal spinning.

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HENDRIX Ceiling Lamp

Inspired by the nostalgic vinyl player, this piece is a tribute to the jazz music and one of the most creative and influential musicians of the 70’s. This singular ceiling lamp captures your attention with light effects and multiple reflections, and makes a real statement in any interior. Perfect for low ceiling heights.

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HYPNOTIC Chandelier

This sleek and elegant chandelier will hypnotize its audience. You will become mesmerized as the intricate chandelier coils and bends in golden spirals, weaving itself elaborately within the sharp polished lines of the hexagonal silhouette. The graceful pattern of cut polished brass details compliments the black glass component of this astounding piece.


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IKE Suspension Lamp

Characterised by the rhythmic composition of its elements; clean lines and colour scheme, IKE suspension lamp truly embodies an elegant look full of refinement and modernity. Highly recommended to use with a dimmer switch to cast a smoother light. This fixture is also available in different shapes and dimensions to perfectly fit your setting.

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