VIVRE Chandelier

The Vivre Chandelier range brings you the most exquisite vintage details with a decidedly modern profile. The dark neutral tones and beautiful patterns in the agate stones are uniquely captivating against the light and the gold metal, which embraces each stone in perfect harmony and balance. Fourteen hand selected agate slices with light shining through, offer the perfect glow for the most fashionable interiors.


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WATERFALL Chandelier

The best artisans with incredible techniques, the high-quality materials are what this breathtaking chandelier stands for. The smooth and elegant shapes of the ribbed fine tubes of crystal glass,  and the extraordinary circular levels mimicking a waterfall, show the exquisite capacity of this masterpiece to fill a contemporary loft as well as luxury lobby with all its glory.


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WATERFALL Rectangular Suspension

This elegant work of art really makes everything sparkle! Waterfall rectangular suspension lamp is made with gold plated brass combined with fine ribbed tubes of crystal glass handmade by master craftsman. Sheer elegance and glamour…



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