Maddox Quirke – our love for premium furnishings and designer lighting.

Maddox Quirke range

How do we do it?

Telling a story

We live, think and tell stories. At Maddox Quirke we want to supply you with pieces which will fill your interior with wonderful stories, and we are taking story telling to another dimension. Each piece, whether it comes from our furniture collections, interior décor, or art range, is created with passion and original ideas behind it. Once situated in your space, it comes to life and tells the story of design, imagination and craftsmanship that astounds and makes you listen…

Service beyond your expectations

Whether you just need a little inspiration, a selection of incredible objects to fill your new home with, or are looking for professional help in designing your interior, we are at your service. We provide you not only with many bespoke products that can be customised to your requirements, but also with a professional and tailored interior design service.

Our advisers with years of experience in design are ready to help you take your interior to the next level, while carefully listening to your needs and preferences, and making your experience with us exceptional.

We are here to make sure that you get the best of the interior design world. Try us.

Living bespoke

Tell us what you are looking for; we’d love to hear your voice and make, or find the right piece for you. Many of our products are available in variety of materials, lengths and widths, and can be tailored to your wishes. This is why we rarely list prices for our pieces; we want to enable you to create bespoke furnishings – something of your own.

Don’t hesitate to contact us; bespoke designs are in our nature, and more than anything, we want to entertain your ‘needs and wants’, especially if as a result, we produce even more exciting creations.

Respecting resources

We are really grateful that nature provides us with such incredible materials and patterns, and we believe that it needs protecting. This is why we feel that there is a need for less mass production, and we supply you with objects made by small to medium companies, or individuals.

We want people to be happy in what they are doing, and conditions they are working in, therefore all Maddox Quirke pieces come with ‘no sweat’ guarantee.

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