Designer floor lamps.

Hand made to order and of the highest quality. Designer floor lamps with bespoke options available.

AMY Floor Reading Lamp

Amy is a tribute to the great British singer and songwriter. The floor version is a reading lamp, perfect to enjoy with your favorite book at any setting. Handmade in brass and with 50’s style lampshades in aluminum, Amy is a new design star.

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Inspired by the 60’s sci-fi aesthetics, Armstrong arc lamp is a true Italian design classic. It has a minimalistic style with a clear usability. So simple and yet a statement of good taste. Its structure is handmade in brass, the lampshade is in aluminum and the base in Carrara marble.

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BOTTI Floor Lamp

Botti is the newest version of Botti family: it embodies all the details of musical instruments, transporting us to a a concert. Its structure is handmade in brass and gently covered by a golden mantle. This outstanding piece has eight spotlights which offer a soft lighting, attributing simultaneously a cozy and sophisticated ambiance to any setting.

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The BRACELLI Floor Lamp is a special homage to Salvador Dali.

Refined materials and handcrafted manufacturing brings up to date furniture collection that’s guaranteed by The Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation responsible for the painter’s rights.

We also have available a limited edition piece, with all the finishing is in black, with aged black patina on the casted brass, Black Marquina marble, darkened gold leaf and black lamp shades. The black label collection came to market in a limited edition of 105 pieces.

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DIANA XL Floor Lamp

Think big with Diana XL floor lamp: this contemporary fresh classic lamp turns any room into a giant colorful inviting space. Ideal for big lofts and artist studios, this creative floor lamp includes a colorful lampshade in aluminum, which will brighten up any setting. Conceived in brass with the switch on top, marvelous and grand Diana XL lamp is 2.3m tall.

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DUKE Floor Lamp

The music of the great pianist Duke Ellington inspired a creation of this unique floor lamp – Duke. Duke is an elegant floor fixture that in its delicate and refined form induces a sophisticated mood and brings a memorable piano song to life in your living room. Let yourself be illuminated by this vintage piece,  while listening to Duke Ellington’s piano.

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EVANS Floor Lamp

With a mid-century vibe, this on trend floor lamp is elegant and provides your interior with a beautiful glow. Evans has three diffusers, each one adjustable in direction. Its structure is handmade in brass and the lampshades in aluminum.

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JACKSON Floor Lamp

Do you remember Michael Jackson’s incredible dance moves? Jackson standing lamp embodies the artist’s moves, but with a powerful stance, and is perfect spin from midcentury design classics to a commemoration of pop culture. A unique piece of design which combines luxurious finishes and exposed mechanical elements in a classical way.

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LOTUS Floor Lamp

The poetic Lotus floor lamp is a great way to add splendor to any setting. Luxury craftsmanship and the meticulous hand carving and finishing of the base makes this piece eye catching and truly special.  This lamp is finished in a high gloss translucent color varnish over a silver leaf, lampshade is covered in a low sheen black silk with gold lining, which makes it opulent and luxurious.


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MILES Floor Lamp

“Music and life are all about style” … Miles standing lamp brings back the atmosphere and sophistication inspired by the 50’s. With its gold plated frame, black marble base and the gold pendant switch, the lamp casts a smooth light that will surely lift that “Kind of Blue” mood, while allowing you to enjoy the composition itself.

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MONROE Floor Lamp

Marilyn Monroe, the sexiest pin-up of the 50s, inspired this designer floor lamp. Its iconic design captures the essence of her image and the sensuality of her long legs. The lampshade and the gold tassel fringe complement the set, a reminder of her dresses worn at the time.

One hundred percent hand-worked with the finest materials, this piece attracts attention with its playfulness, and would suit any reception, bar or hotel looking to make a memorable statement.

Priced from £4,499

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SINATRA Floor Lamp

If you ever find yourself listening to “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra while drinking a cocktail, this piece will be there to enhance your experience. Sinatra’s standing light fixture is Delightfull’s best design creation;  sculptural and versatile, it is suitable for the most demanding setting. Its structure is handmade in brass and the lampshades in aluminum with a possibility of having 1 to 5 moveable arms.



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