Luxury bedroom furnishings.

Perfect for high spec interior designs for hotels and luxury apartments. Bespoke, high quality bedroom furniture made to order.


With its exotic wood textures and delicate pattern featuring silhouettes of butterflies, the intriguing Euphoria screen brings you a real statement piece for your interior. Black lacquer finish accompanied by brass hardware and detailing,  gives this bedroom screen a touch of luxury and class you can’t miss.

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EXOTICA Dressing Table

Exuding feelings of fantasy, this highly coveted dressing table is bold, daring and seductive. Structure in high gloss black lacquer with the ultrasoft reptile embossed velvet framing a gold metal top is juxtaposed with mesmerizing movements of emerald crystal tassels.

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Belonging to the debut collection of beds, the Forbidden Kiss embodies all that is sultry and seductive. This design brings to live a sensuous union of a hand carved , fully upholstered headboard and a bed base with a gold leaf ornament. Let yourself indulge in a magnificent moment that never ends…

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MELROSE Dressing Table

The Melrose dressing table is a truly feminine piece, which merges a classic design traits with a unique and contemporary touch. Featuring a unique combination of design styles and aesthetics, the Melrose table is a highly decorative piece that brings finesse and charm to any dressing room.

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Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are NERI & HU; they have their studio —NHDRO— in Shanghai and represent the first generation of architects and designers working from China with talent and their own personality.
They are young, were trained in the US and have returned to the Asian giant with a wish to change the meaning of “Made in China”. Lyndon’s and Rossana’s work embodies a confluence of western contemporary design features and traditional oriental roots.

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ORCHIDEA Bedside Table

This vintage-inspired, elegant console captures the essence of haute style. Sensuous curves and subtle gold gilt makes the Orchidea side table an irresistible choice.  This gorgeous piece features an oval top in ebony veneer, structure in high gloss black lacquer with two drawers lined in black velvet and adorned with cast bronze orchid handles, supported by a polished brass base.

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Available as Dressing Table and Console. The TEMPTATION Console explodes with exoticism and verve with its untamed gold leaf curves playing side note to a four drawer top, impeccably wrapped in a bronze metallic embossed python skin, and adorned with an aged brass pull on each drawer.

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