Our connection with nature

What we see in our daily surroundings really affects how we feel. Our space can give us sense of calmness, energise us, evoke a multitude of different types of feelings. Centuries of civilisation, backed up by strong research show that we are fond of certain patterns, sounds, colours, and that well thought-through space with design from nature, which ticks certain boxes, could be extremely beneficial to our health, reduce stress levels and increase productivity. So what is the main aspect that we are encouraged to consider?

Research carried out on the subject of visual preference shows that our favourite view is one of a scene that includes trees, flowering plants, non-threatening animals, indications of human habitation, and bodies of clean water. Despite being a part of the concrete jungle, we are still a part of the real jungle – nature; and it’s the real jungle where we feel best, and where we truly belong.

Nature is what brings us comfort, makes us feel calm and happy, which is why space which surrounds us should be treated as a biological system, which we are a part of. Visual preference research shows that connection with real nature can really work wonders for our well-being, but also simulated nature, design from nature, can also be extremely beneficial to us.

Biophilic design is an innovative way of designing space, which encourages both; it aims to enhance well-being by creating spaces that are healthy and stimulating, respecting of mind and body balance, but also integrated with the urban ecosystem and functional. Nature plays a big role in biophilic design which provides the end user with as much balanced access to real, or simulated nature as possible.

How can we increase our well-being through incorporating nature in our surroundings ourselves? There are many things that can be done, many of which are close to what Maddox Quirke is integrating to a great extend. Choosing natural, often raw materials that are reflective of the style you would like to achieve, can bring nature into your interior in a very functional way. It can be easier than it seems, and it doesn’t have to be all green… raw wood, metal, or even bricks bring a natural look and feel to your space. Explore how metal as a raw material can be transformed into unique furnishings, which are dynamic and inspired by nature in their forms.

Use of sustainable materials, recycling and up-cycling, using patterns inspired by nature filling the space with sunlight, plants, or letting the outside into the inside as much as possible are all great ways of making your interior more Eco-friendly and user-friendly, and at the same time have potential to increase your well-being.

We believe that it’s way overdue to encourage more of the real jungle into the concrete jungle, unite with nature, and let it envelope you in its order, peace and serenity.

Mark Thomas

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  1. Mariam Praise
    May 30, 2020 reply

    I am currently going through the learning process of Interior Designing. However, I’m here to make research in order to improve my designing skills. This actually got me to your blog. Thanks for the helpful ideas that you have here! I do hope to get more from you.

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